About Us

Founded in 1990 by our President Gary Clancy, Container Technology, Inc. has grown to become an industry leading diptube supplier.  Container Technology, Inc. is a Charter-Supplier of Ultra Clean Liquid Packaging from one (1) to 330-gallon IBC's and drums.

Container Technology, Inc. is the FIRST company to:

  • Promote a low particle and low metals extractables liquid container and dip-tube

  • Incorporate particle level analysis in the production process

  • UN-Certified container and dip-tube as a 'Package'

  • Developed Ultra Clean Resin

  • Developed and patented three opening/fittings dispense head required for extracting CMP slurry process

  • Supply dip-tubes with various thread configurations

  • Developed improved air filtration and piping system for blow molding process

  • Become a leading supplier of clean returnable IBC's

  • Established US COEXCELL as the leading supplier of clean drums

Container Technology, Inc. has two (2) full service reconditioning facilities in Portland, Oregon and Rialto, California for both IBC's and drums.

Additionally, Container Technology, Inc. has multiple stocking locations in the following locations:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Boise, Idaho